Vastu Consultant for Corporate Offices

Vastu Consultant for Corporate Offices – For best business growth, you require positive elements to attract positive energy! Vastu Shastra is the traditional astrological remedies that has proven to be beneficial over time. Neeta Jain, a trusted astrologer has years of experience and has helped businesses increase their turnover, boost sales, repay debts, start new venture etc. Her knowledge about vastu shastra, Fengshui and astrology for industries, factories and commercial units has named her best vastu consultant for corporate offices in India. She can help you remove vastu dosha that might be hindering the optimal business potential. Her office vastu remedies will attract positive flow of energy into your work life eliminating issues like staff problems,  financial losses, repay loans etc. You can trust for 100% solutions.

Vastu Consultant for Corporate Offices

Her work has drawn acknowledgement universally and is here to give you veritable Vastu Consultant for Corporate Offices services at a quick call at +91 8146687347. Satisfaction and safety are assurance here.

How beneficial is following Vastu Shastra for Business?

For an ideal office, one needs to design it according to a good growth structure. Vastu shastra is the sciences of architecture that brings an ancient approach to setup positive vibes and cosmic energy in offices. Keeping a friendly and positive environment there is the importance of Vastu Shastra in planning a building plan. Here sharing what can be achieved by following Vastu Shastra in corporate offices:

  • Generates positive vibes and energy from the cosmos, air, sun, moon, earth, wind, etc.
  • Gives an uplifting mentality and to live.
  • Makes your mind peaceful and helps you in concentrating.
  • Creates a positive environment in the office.
  • Make your employees do more hard work.
  • Strengthen teamwork and unity among employees.

Types of Vastu Shastra for Offices

Corporate offices are distinguished into different sections of working. Astrology has classified numerous manners by which a private company can be saved for peaceful and successful working. Neeta Jain has helped many entrepreneurs, industrialists to businessmen to have the positive growth by channelising the energy towards success and prosperity. This ancient art of science of architecture can help you build a strong corporate life environment for your and their employees. Here we will examine various areas of office and how they are required according to Vastu Shastra :

The entrance of the office: entrance signifies the flow of energy and new ideas for great wealth. This entry should be kept in the North direction. North entry is best termed for entering of cosmic energy.

Reception setup: direction of the reception office should be towards north or north-east. This direction depends upon the rising direction of the sun. North and North-east directions are the most ideal especially great wealth in a business. It brings more business opportunities.
Account department: this department covers the income of a business so this should be planned well to accumulate more wealth. All the financial work is done here so one should keep in the north and slightly to northwest direction.
Admin Department: the administration and services are served from this corner. According to Vastu shastra, this needs to be kept in the southwest direction. This is the ideal location.
Management room: this area covers the hard work of employees which needs great efficiency. So this must be in the north direction so that maximum output can be achieved from employees.

Other functional areas :
Toilet: this needs to be placed in the north-west direction.
Pantry or kitchen: it is required in the southeast direction.
Purchase department: it should be in the south and east direction.
Puja place: north and northeast direction is ideal for keeping the puja room.

Consult Best Indian Vastu Shastra Expert – Neeta Jain

Running a corporate office at a good hand requires many things which include hard work, luck, and good Vastu setup of the office. Everyone consults the best astrologer for starting a business and setting up an office. This helps in making a business more successful and gives huge turnovers with positive energy and healthy wealthy life. We have here the best result oriented Vastu Consultant who has given the best effectivity through its work. Neeta Jain is the well-known face of astrology and she is named as one of the best Vastu expert for corporate offices. She has 15+ years of experience and suggests best advice for business growth and success.

Building a tranquil and prosperous condition is basic to have a constructive outcome in your life. With regards to Vastu Consultant for corporate offices, Neeta Jain has been giving uncommon work 24×7 for the welfare of individuals. Considered the best astrologer for office Vastu remedies in India, our Vastu consultant has years of experience and understanding which has helped so many business associates to set their careers. Vastu Shashtra accumulates the positive energy of Vayu, Prithvi, Jal, Akash & Agni for cordial balance to bring maximum benefit for you.

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