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About Neeta Jain

Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra is the brainchild of the famous astrologer in India, Neeta Jain. She comes from a renowned family and was fascinated by astrology and Vastu at a very early age.

She believes that astrology has the power to transform our lives in many ways and went to study astrology and Vastu and gained certification before offering her services. She has done numerous case studies and research work realising that Vastu affects people most who have a week kundalini even if there are other members in the same family who are unaffected.

With her research and degree in hand, she started offering astrological and Vastu consultation to people in Punjab and neighbouring states. She has helped thousands of people with their problems related to health, wealth, love, education, career, and many more. This has made her the best astrologer and Vastu consultant in India.

Neeta Jain stresses on the importance of saativc remedies like Vedic poojas, gemstones, yantras, and crystals because they have a strong and long-term effect.

Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra

Vision –

Understanding the current time is very important to take the right decision and drive properly in life. We follow multiple astrological systems like Vedic, KP for more accuracy and authenticity. We make astrological predictions in a simple and easy to understand way. Our vision is to make Professional Astrology & Vastu not only within the reach of rich People but also for common people at an affordable price offering value for money.

Specialist In -

Business Consultation
Job Consultation
Financial Consultation
Career Consultation
Marriage Astrology
Match Making
Vastu Consultation
Palmistry Consultation
Health Predictions
Horoscope Predictions


Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra offers the best astrology and Vastu services to people at an affordable price. Book your service today.

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Online Consultations
Whether you need to know about your horoscope, career, marriage, health problem solution, how your business will grow, and solutions to other problems, get in touch with Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra. We offer online astrological and Vastu consultations for your wellbeing.
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Phone Consultation
If you are in a need of urgent consultation related to your education, marriage, career, love life, success or anything else and can’t come and meet our astrologer we offer phone consultations as well. Call 8146687347 and get all your questions answered right away.
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Face to face consultation
We also offer face to face consultation where either you can visit our Kendra or we visit your site. We are the best astrologer in Punjab offering you a consultation at an affordable price whether it is to set up an industry or love marriage, we do it all.
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Astrology & Vastu-Commercial
The higher purpose of life is what we all want to achieve, both in terms of wealth and success. Are you looking for a solution without demolition in your existing business to boost your sales and targets? Then we can help. We do a detailed analysis of your horoscope to offer you the best solution.
Best Vastu Consultant
Make your living space Vastu perfect to improve your life without demolition. We create simple and easy remedies that you can do to get rid of the problems faced to achieve your targets. Improve and upgrade your life with Vastu perfect homes for a better living.
Best Vastu Consultant
Attract wealth and more orders with astrology and Vastu for your industrial establishment. All want to attract bulk orders, achieve future targets, and have a smooth working environment in their factory. If you have the same desire, then Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra is here to help.

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50,000+ Happy Customers

We work closely with each of our clients offering them great and affordable services. We carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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Appreciation from Delhi’s Most famous Dr. H.S.Rawat.

Neha Maik
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Vastu tips from Neeta Jain has changed negativity in my life to positivity and has also solved my day to day problems. Thank you so much for your guidance and support.

Atul Sharma
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I came to know about Nav Jyotish & Vastu Kendra through one of my friends. I approached her through phone and she was quick in helping me with my concerns. I sincerely appreciate her for taking the time and giving me genuine advice. I highly recommend Neeta Jain for all Vasthu consultation. Thanks

Sunil Shukla
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Neeta Jain was very helpful and worked to make my southwest facing home a prosperous happy home. Excellent professional astrologer and Vastu consultant. I highly recommend her services. Thank you once again for your help.

Anita Jain
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Your astrology services are great. Thank you for your consultation and helping me marry the love of my life. My marriage is possible just because of you.

Manoj Kumar
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Very ethical and professional person, the best thing is she responds immediately to your call and provide a great solution for your needs in a very easy to understand and affordable way. The biggest difference she does not put negative thought sin mind like other astrologer and Vastu consultants. We took her services to build our new home and recommend to others as well.

Deepak Dey

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