Astrological Remedies for Love Marriage Problems

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Astrological Remedies for Love Marriage Problems

Reasons behind the obstacles in the Love Marriage

The combination of the love marriage becomes due to the 5th, 7th and 9th house in the horoscope must be seen with planets like Moon, Mars, and Venus, etc. If all the mentioned houses, see afflictions or weak in its form then the astrological remedies are suggested by the other combination of remedies that can help materialize your love marriage. Along with the remedies, we will also provide you some mantras that can give you the ultimate relief in your love marriage life.

When we utter these mantras repeatedly then we are tuning and waking the particular frequency. This frequency helps in establishing contact in the cosmos energy and drag this energy into our surroundings and body. Thus we can easily manage the energy and also manage the other energies that promote certain actions and events around us.

 Amazing Remedies for Love Marriage Problems By Astrology

Follow the offered remedies to get rid of love marriage issues throughout your life. Keep in mind that the mantras or remedies or cures we are providing you ought to be followed with the full presence of mind and soul so that you can attain the amazing results and make your life the comfy one. If you follow our recommended mantras and remedies with full devotion, then you can attain the most benefit from it. The best thing about our given mantras is that they can be chanted without any hard, hard work and without having the other inclusion of any person or thing.

We are telling you three mantras of Moon, Mars, and Venus that can be chanted by both boy and girl

Moon Mantra

At first, we talk about the Moon Mantra that keeps the powerful place in our horoscope. The mantra of Moon is “Om Shram sreem shraum sah Chandraya Namah “. This remedy will help remove the negative mind thoughts and that will eventually lead to successful love marriage life.

Venus Mantra

The second one is the Venus Mantra that is also powerful when in its chanting form. The mantra is “Om dram dreem sah shukraya namah” This mantra if chant properly then it will strengthen the Venus planet and will be quite helpful in creating the positive energy in the body.

Mars Mantra

This the third one that is also called the most powerful one. The mantra is “Om Kram Kreem Kraum saha Bhaumaya Namah”. This mantra will help in expressing your love in front of your partner that can make a good impression and turn this into a soothing relationship. It can initialize the Manglik Kraya that can help solemnize the wedding.

The above-mentioned mantras will be chanted or recited at least 108 times with an Energized Mala that must be Abimantrit. This mala must be energized to solemnize your love marriage in every form. These three mantras must be chanted by both girl and boy.

We are also telling the additional mantras of boy and girl separately that are listed below

Additional Mantras for a girl

If a girl is in love with someone and she wants to marry that guy, then she can chant the following mantras

  • (Tatha Maam Kuru kalyani Kantkantam Sudurlabham)
  • (“Hey, Gauri! ”Shankaradhangi Twam Shankaram Priya )

You should chant these mantras on all Mondays by the using an energized Rudrakha mala in the counting of 108 times

Additional Mantras for a Boy

If a boy is in love with a girl and is not able to convert his love into the marriage, then chanting of these mantras will help him out in many terms

  • Tarinim Durgsansar Sagarasya Kulodbhavam
  • Patni Manorama Dehi Manovritanusarinim

The chant of these mantras must be done on the Friday evenings by using an energized saphatik mala.

We hope you got all the required information for making your love marriage life soothing. But still, if you are doubtful or want more information then feel free to contact us.

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