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Best Vastu consultant in Chandigarh – Science and Vastu go hand in hand in the demolition of most of the complex problems of your life. The meaning is that the Vastu principals can be given the full exact prediction of the future foretelling. We are providing genuine services in the Chandigarh area from many years and now got expertise in that. We are giving the proper remedies for the Vastu dosh and creating the best environment around you for getting the right kind of environment. This is the explanation that our Astrologer madam Neeta Jain is the one that is known for the Best Vastu consultant in Chandigarh. 

Vastu Shastra is coming in the category where all the cosmic energies lie. If these energies go by you then it can be taken as an idea that you can be able to attain a successful life. Today Vastu Shastra has also taken a further high place for the importance due to the understanding of past and ancient monuments. The ancient science of structure is very powerful and readings are beyond the explanation. We are mainly providing our services in Chandigarh and that is the reason that we know for the Best Vastu consultant in Chandigarh even in the near areas of Chandigarh as well.


Homebased Vastu defects and its effects

Here is some information about Vastu home-based defects

  • Effects of Southwest defects     If your home has the wrong direction in the Vastu specifically in the areas, then you can get many problems such as too much expenditure, delay in marriage, theft for money, bad habits and bad relations, Relationship disputes between the couple.
  •  Effects for northwest defects     If there is a problem in the northeast direction, then you can find problems like business disputes, divorce cases, Frequent surgery, children’s behaviour, Too much expenditure incurable diseases, Legal disputes, rejection of business.
  •  Effects of Southeast defects     If your home lies in the southeast defects, then you can see the upcoming problems like fear of fire, fear of theft, bad relation problems between husband and wife, no peace of mind, no good ceremonies can be made in the house, etc.
  •  Effects of Northwest defects     If the problem comes from the defects of northeast location, then it can be legal problems form GOVT and from friends and family members, enmity, etc.


Remedies for Vastu defects

Vastu is known to be the preconstruction of science. If the person is fully determined to make the changes in the problems, then that can be possible due to the consistent and persistent efforts and making some changes. Any Vastu defects that lie in your life or home can make negative changes in the mentioned areas. You can remove the Vastu dosh by doing some changes in the areas of your home and getting the awesome results in that.

Like in India, in China also people respect and accept the Feng Sui that knows their Vastu in China. In the Feng Sui also many treatments are given that can remove the Vastu energy by making some physical changes. The following are the remedies for Vastu defects that can be used for curing the home negative energy.

Note: Don’t use these remedies without the consultant of the expert consultant like Astrologer Neeta Jain

  •  Colors
  • Camphor Crystals
  • Sea salt and Sea lamp
  • Pyramids
  • Crystal balls and Pencils
  • Wind Chimes
  • Copper plates and wires
  • Mirrors


Easily applied Vastu solutions for all over the house

Here are the easy solutions and tips that can be applied without doing any major changes 

  •   The doors of the house should be opened towards the right hand of the body
  • A puja room is the must thing in every house so that they can get the positive energy in the negative situations
  • Light a lamp if possible on the daily basis near the water pot of the home so that you can light your life at the fullest
  • The plant of cactus must be avoided to grow or keep in the house because it invites to the negative energy
  • The statue of Hanuman Ji must be placed in the south-east direction of the house this can avoid many hazards regarding the fire in the house
  • All the doors must be opened in the inside form so that the positive energy can be locked inside the house
  • Place a picture of the bright sun in the southern wall in the living room
  • Never hang a mirror in the kitchen
  • Keep the mops and broom out of sight from the kitchen
  • Lamp a bright light on the main entry door of the house
  • Arrange the furniture of your house as an octagon or circle or square
  • Bright the house as if possible
  • The time when you are eating meals your plate direction should be in the southeast
  • If you are sleeping, then your head should be pointed in the south direction

We hope that you got some idea from this write-up about the different kinds of home Vastu remedies. But still, if you would like to know more then don’t forget to contact us details are mentioned below:

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